Brandy returns to scripted TV


    Brandy, whose TV credits include scripted shows like “Moesha” and reality series, will be a returning guest-star on the upcoming season of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.”

    The Lifetime drama, about a model who dies and comes back to life in the body of a full-figured lawyer, returns for its third season on Sunday. However, Brandy fans will have to wait for the last three episodes before they’re able to watch her.

    “I’m excited to play a woman with a secret that could have such a huge impact on other characters,” said Brandy, who will introduce a new character, Elisa.

    Brandy’s first day on the set was June 14, and judging by her tweets, all went well.

    “Just did my fitting for my character on Drop Dead Diva. Her name is Elisa. She’s a nurse and a single mommy :) I like her… Lol” she tweeted.

    “Feels so good to be back on set!” she added.

    According to the show’s creator, Josh Berman, Brandy may be returning for season 4.

    “We are leaving her return open, but we have discussed it,” he told TV Guide.

    Wanda Sykes and Wendy Williams will also be guest stars for season 3.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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