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    Jordin Sparks visits ‘Regis & Kelly’

    Jordin Sparks and her new body hit up "Regis & Kelly" to perform her new girl-power anthem. The "American Idol" champ strutted around the stage with help of two very energetic backup dancers.

    Side note: We are LOVING the shoes she’s rocking in the video below.


    Tamar named favorite Braxton

    Tamar was named top Braxton by WE tv viewers during the "Braxton Family Values" reunion. When Wendy Williams revealed that she was the fan favorite, Tamar seemed surprised and stated that she thought Toni would have won. "In my eyes, Toni’s an icon," the baby Braxton explained.

    But Evelyn summed up her thoughts on why Tamar was the breakout star of "Braxton Family Values," stating, "People love drama."  

    Tamar is very dramatic. Just look at how she responded to criticism about her looks.

    And just in case you missed the "Braxton Family Values" season finale, watch our recap!


    Mannie Fresh criticizes new Cash Money sound

    Mannie Fresh has a few things to say about Cash Money’s sound now, six years after his split from the label.

    "Some things I love, some things I hate," Mannie plainly told MTV News. "I think there’s a lot of stuff in the South right now that sounds the same."

    As Cash Money’s old in-house producer, he was a major part of shaping the label’s vibe, which in his day was slathered with Dirty South bounce. But he said that what worked back then, needs to be updated to keep things as fresh as his name.

    "Even if it’s the way my music sounds, I think it’s overdone, it’s time for something new to happen," Mannie said. "Now anything that goes left, and is new and is creative, I love it. But if you mimicking somebody and you’re overdoing it, I don’t know. I don’t get it. That’s what I’m saying."


    Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland added to BET roster

    It’s the showdown that was always meant to happen as both Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland have secured solo performances at the BET Awards.

    The ladies were among a lost of newly added acts announced earlier this week, including Mary J. Blige and Trey Songz.

    Bey won’t actually be in the house for the BET Awards on June 26 because she’s got a show in the United Kingdom that night, but her segment will be a live telecast.

    Estelle preps Septemer release

    Estelle is getting ready to gift her friends and family with a new album, All of Me. The album, slated to drop later this year, is a deeply personal album that Estelle is in the process of perfecting.

    “It will come out around September. I took about two years off to just live a little bit. I’m definitely not one of those artists to just put music out there without feeling it,” Estelle told Urbanbrigez.com. “I write 90 percent of my records, so I have to live a little bit and really get into [the music]." 

    Two years is a long time to leave her loyals without new material, but Estelle’s confident that the album will be well worth the wait. "I had to take time with this album, make sure it was right and pick the right producers and collaborators," she said. "I would describe this album as the stages of my life. This album is for my fans and family.”


    Dark Tide trialer released

    Halle Berry is swimming with sharks in her upcoming film Dark Tide. A trailer for the movie, where she met Olivier Martinez, has just been released. No release date was listed in the teaser, however.

    Halle stars in Dark Tide as a diver who has dared to venture out into the deep blue sea with nature’s deadliest predator. Although she hasn’t come away completely unscathed, find out what happens when she takes a team of newbies outside the safety of a dive cage when you watch the video below.



    Battle of the Diva (Covers)

    For its first-ever music issue, W Magazine offers two covers to its readers. One features Beyoncé Knowles and the other Christina Aguilera.

    In the July issue, Christina, whose cover shows her naked, talks about her failed marriage to Jordan Bratman.

    Beyoncé remains fully clothed in her cover.



    50 Cent defends hairdo

    50 Cent haters had a hearty laugh at the rapper’s expense when a recent photo of him showed his hair in what some described as a “Soul Glow” curl.

    However, the actor took to Twitter to explain that his hair was conked for an upcoming movie role.

    “Hahaha you fools talking about my hair for my last movie. Ok I just make more money off it lol. I’m WINNING,” he wrote.

    According to imdb.com, 50 Cent has roles in more than five movies scheduled for release in 2011 and 2012.


    Jennifer Lopez might bail on ‘Idol’

    Jennifer Lopez is reportedly “on the fence” about returning to Fox’s “American Idol.”

    “I haven’t been forced to make a decision and I’m glad about that because honestly I’m very kind of on the fence about it,” she told the BBC’s Scott Mills.

    It was reported earlier that Jennifer might be looking to create her own singing competition show.




    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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