Lil Mama claims Nicki Minaj copied her

    Lil Mama has been criticized for copying Nicki Minaj’s style, but claims it was Nicki who stole her idea.

    Lil Mama said she is no copycat. “Come on, let’s be real okay. You have all these people wearing different colored hair. At the end of the day I’m a bombshell, so I’m going to do me. If I want to go platinum, I’m going platinum,” the "America’s Best Dance Crew" judge told Vibe Magazine.

    A few weeks ago, the Harajuku Barbie and Lil Mama both hit up the MTV Movie Awards wearing bob cut wigs. Nicki wore black, while Lil Mama rocked platinum blond.

    “My cut is blunt and futuristic and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show,” she said.

    Lil Mama said Vibe that after Nicki guest appeared on "ABDC", she began wearing the style everywhere “the same exact way.”

    But being bitten for her style is normal for Lil Mama, who claims she is a “trendsetter” and an inspiration behind many of the new artists’ style.
    “My style, the way I’m aggressive on a track, the way I come through, the way my beat bangs," the ‘Lip Gloss’ rapper argued. "There are so many things that were borrowed, that I influenced that’s happening in music right, so I’m far from discouraged."

    However, Lil Mama said she is flattered by the imitation. “I’m actually flattered because she [Nicki] imitated me and it felt like something that I was doing was cute and in time for the fashion and for the season, so it’s like let’s live, let’s do it,” she said.

    But Lil Mama isn’t for the criticism. She said the Black community isn’t right for bashing a girl staying current.

    “We criticize each other and try to put each other down," she pointed out, "but when Katy Perry and Lady Gaga do it, they all eat. But I’m not going to be a part of that. I’m going to do me, regardless."



    — Tiara Kennedy




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