Joss Stone ‘alright’ after murder plot

    Soultress Joss Stone found herself in the middle of a story line similar to a crime novel after police uncovered a devious plot to rob and murder her in the United Kingdom.

    "Find a river to dump her in" was etched on a note found in a small red car that was parked close to Joss’ targeted home. The words "rob and kill, money in the safe," and "Josceln rob," were claimed to be mentioned in various other handwritten notes found as well.

    Along with those chilling plans, police found a Samurai sword, a hammer, gloves, knives, ski masks, maps, and aerial photos of the area, in the same car.

    Two suspects, Junior Bradshaw, 30, and Kevin Liverpool, 33, were arrested and held on charges of conspiracy to rob and cause grievous bodily harm in relation to the incident.

    They arrived in court clad in causal wear. Kevin had on a black T-shirt, while Junior wore a gray sweatshirt and had his dreadlocks pulled in two braided pigtails. Their next court appearance will be July 1.

    The singer, who recently started her own record label entitled Stone’d Records, was using the gated house as a temporary base while she was not touring or working in the United States. After the ordeal, Joss apparently went over to an elderly neighbor’s home for a cup of coffee and was said to be "alright."

    Even though she was not present at the court hearing, Joss did issue a statement regarding the incident. She thanked everyone for their concern and stated that she was "absolutely fine and getting on with life as normal while the police continue to with their inquiries."



    — Shaniqua Thompson




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