Lupe Fiasco defends Obama accusation

    Lupe Fiasco is arguing his position on why he called President Barack Obama the world’s "biggest terrorist."

    Lupe sat down with Global Grind to explain his statement, which he is not apologizing for. He’s gotten a lot of heat for the shocking opinion, from both sides of the aisle.

    When asked how he formed his infamous opinion, the Chicago rapper explained that it all stems from his belief that America has been wrong since its inception.

    "America was based on a hypocrisy and what we had done is basically an extension of that hypocrisy," Lupe explained. "I think there’s a certain level of hypocrisy that this country was founded on and I’m just kinda trying to find out the effects of it now."

    Lupe didn’t explain the exact hypocrisy he believes the United States was built upon, but he feels that shaky foundation has only served to set the nation off in the wrong direction and has fueled ill-conceived actions.

    "For me it boils down to everything that America does," he said. "Its foreign policy is very hypocritical. It’s very backwards. We don’t count the other bodies, for us the war is one-way."

    The lyricist went on to make parallels between President Obama and Osama bin Laden, starting with the argument that neither man has ever had to pull a trigger to end someone’s life and further their own agenda. Lupe stated, however, that both men have been responsible for countless deaths simply by leading military organizations.

    "Obama never killed anybody," Lupe said. "But at the same time too he should receive the same amount of credit for those actions of the people that are under him and the organizations that he heads. He should receive the same credit and the same title that Osama bin Laden gets."

    He inquisitively added, "between somebody walking a bomb strapped to their chest into a wedding full of innocent people or a bomb coming from a stealth fighter two miles up and coming into the roof into a wedding full of innocent people? What’s the difference?"

    Lupe hasn’t just reserved his political disdain solely for President Obama. He extends it to all heads of state ever, asserting, "[It’s] every President before him and every President that comes after him that still pushes aggression first."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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