Mo explains Evelyn Lozada rant

    T.O.’s handler, Mo, admits that she’s taken the beef between Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman personally.

    Mo went all the way in on Evelyn in a video released last week, in which she called the "Basketball Wives" star a "walking yeast infection."

    Many people thought it looked like Mo had taken all the drama between Evelyn and Tami very personally. As it turns out, those people were absolutely right.

    “My issue is she continues to disrespect Tami, and Tami and I are cool," Mo told The Urban Daily. "I knew Tami before I was married. To call Tami a non-motherfu*king factor when [Evelyn] was having an affair with Kenny is just crazy!"

    Mo stands by her assertion that Evelyn is presenting herself as a loose, two-faced woman. It really rubs her the wrong way that it took Evelyn so long to be honest with Tami about her past with Kenny Anderson. And "The T.O. Show" star doesn’t think it’s a great idea to be so casual about sex, either.

    "You can meet, greet, and sleep with a guy in one night if you want to. You can get drunk and screw a guy closer to your daughter’s age if you want to," Mo said. "But what you can’t do is be bold and disrepectful and not expect to have backlash. The bottom line is you pretended to be this chick’s friend."

    In Mo’s opinion, Evelyn could have saved herself a lot of trouble by just being upfront with Tami. "The first day you met her, you should have pulled her to the side and let her know," Mo explained. "Don’t get defensive when someone wants to come at you, because honestly, Tami is like a pitbull; she comes at your a$s barking, ready to bite!"

    Then, T.O.’s BFF compared Evelyn to a chihuahua—a lot of mouth, but not bold enough to back it up with any action. "She’s a little dog that barks in the yard and backs up when your a$s comes toward her," Mo stated.

    But, some people still think Mo’s comments were uncalled for, and others question why she would even feel the need to speak about Chad Ochocinco’s fiancée. “Kita and I went to the Forbes Celebrity Entrepreneur Awards as the producers and creators of the ‘T.O. Show’," Mo said. "I did not go there with Evelyn on my mind, just to make that clear."

    Mo explained that a red carpet reporter kept pestering her about Evelyn and Chad’s relationship before she went off.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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