Kelly Rowland gets comfy with herself

    Up until recently, Kelly Rowland didn’t see her own beauty.

    It’s hard to believe that Kelly could have ever seen anything other than the talented, beautiful woman she is when she looked in the mirror. But it makes a little more sense when you learn that she sometimes avoided her own reflection.

    "It took a long while for me to know that I’m beautiful," she admitted to Essence magazine. "I remember going through this phase when I was younger of wanting to pass by mirrors and not look at them. That was so ridiculous."

    Perhaps in ducking mirrors, though, she learned a valuable lesson that ultimately proved to reveal her own value.

    "I’ve learned now that beauty starts from within," Kelly said. "If you don’t know your worth, if you don’t know your value, if you don’t know how fantabulous you are—it’s going to be hard for other people to see it. Being appreciative of self is beauty to me."

    But now that she does recognize her outer beauty, she knows that cosmetics can only do so much to enhance it. To get your makeup to do the most for you, Kelly recommends that you know your canvas, its conditions ("Is it dry, combination or oily?" she asked) and its best features.

    "I think that as consumers, we often go to different beauty brands and products and expect them to be magicians," Kelly mused. "I think it’s important for us to know what we have and what we’re working with, what we have and what we possess that we may want to bring out. Maybe you have amazing eyes or beautiful cheekbones or amazing lips. It’s really great to bring that out."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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