Master P’s ex wants more child support


    Master P isn’t exactly what most would consider a dead-beat dad with his son Romeo Miller taking over the No Limit empire and daughter Cymphonique’s blossoming rap career; however, it seems Master P’s ex-wife isn’t satisfied with their current child support arrangement.

    A recent ruling requires Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, to pay his ex-wife $271/month for his four children who are still minors, according to

    That somewhat miniscule amount was determined based on an estimated income of about $1,387.

    It seems P’s ex-wife, Sonya, is under the impression that Percy has more to give, and she’s trying to get a more accurate account of his accounts. It’s unclear just how much Percy has been giving toward his children’s upbringing.

    Together Sonya and Percy have six children together, including four minors: Tytyana, Italy, Hercy and Mercy.

    While monthly payments may be an issue for some, Romeo, the oldest of Master P’s children, has never indicated that he’s felt shafted by his father. In fact, he’s indicated quite the opposite.

    In June, Romeo told Sister 2 Sister, “My dad is everything. A lot of kids can’t cherish their parents. My best friend is my dad…. We don’t usually tell our fathers how much we love them. I do love him, and a big part of me and my success is because of him.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


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