Nivea speaks on weekend arrest

    Nivea was not drunk when she crashed her car this weekend, but she almost died in the accident.

    Reports that Nivea was arrested for driving under the influence are false. As she exclusively told S2S, there was an accident early Sunday morning, but liqour had nothing to do with it.

    Nivea said that the accident was due to a downed tree that was poorly blocked off. The singer, who has children with Lil Wayne and The-Dream, said that authorities only put up a couple of "kids’ soccer cones" in front of a tree that was "the size of a house." The tree itself only had a bit of caution tape wrapped around it.

    Those factors, when mixed with the fact that her street was pitch black from lack of proper street lighting, only created a recipe for disaster.

    "Once I spotted [the tree]—after I cut on my brights," Nivea explained, "I was running into it at that the point. It was too late."

    When police asked if Nivea had had anything to drink before the accident, she admitted that she’d sipped one glass of wine at Toya’s reception. S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown, who was also at the wedding, said that Nivea didn’t seem intoxicated as she left the reception.

    "My friends that I was with would not have even allowed me to drive if I was drunk," Nivea said. "There was an ignorant mistake. There was an old bottle [of alcohol] in the back of my car that they found, which is why people were spreading the rumor that it was a DUI."

    She added, "I was not, however, drinking and driving." Nivea even offered to take a breathalyzer test to prove her sobriety. Because a bottle was found in her car, a white Mercedes, authorities may push ahead with a DUI charge.

    And reports that she got loud with Atlanta police are also false. As Nivea, told us, she spoke as calmly as could be expected with authorities, answering a battery of questions.

    Among all the missed details on the weekend arrest was the fact that Nivea nearly lost her life. "The tree went through my windshield and almost went through me," Nivea revealed. As she related to us, had she not moved to check on her child, a branch from the tree would have gone straight through her forehead.

    The singer did suffer a head injury, though. She said,"I was carried away on a stretcher."

    Fortunately, everyone is doing fine now. "Despite what everyone wants to say, I’m grateful for my life."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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