Is Tina Knowles an on-set diva?

    Beyoncé might admit she’s a control freak, but her mom is showing herself to be diva—and not in a good way!

    There’s word that Tina Knowles was acting out last week during the video shoot for "The Best Thing I Never Had." A source from the set told the New York Daily News that Mama Knowles had four assistants, who referred to her only as "Miss Tina"—and that wasn’t out of politeness, either.

    "The crew was told to call her ‘Miss Tina’ if they were to talk to her at all," the insider said.

    On Thursday, the second day of the shoot, Tina reportedly lost her mind when Beyoncé had a little to much downtime on the set in Brooklyn with the extras. The tipster said Tina "flipped out on the camera guys for making Beyoncé stand near the extras for too long" because her baby was talking to them too much.

    That didn’t seem to be a concern for Beyoncé, who "was fine with [talking to anyone]. She was making everyone laugh." What was she chattering on about? The source said that the video’s prom scene reminded Bey of her own high school experience. Spoiler Alert: She wasn’t prom queen back then, either.

    A spokesman for Beyoncé’s camp has declined to comment on gossip from the set about Tina at this time.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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