‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 6.21.11

    Benched: Suzie Ketcham

    MVP: Tami Roman

    T-Shirt line: "I’m not ghetto, but I’m hood."

    Meeka Claxton taught everyone the value of minding your own business and keeping your mouth shut on last night’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    The ladies—and, unfortunately, we must use that term very loosely in some cases—were kind enough to recap last week’s big blowout. And, like many of you, the only thing Royce Reed was mad about is that she was pulled back before she could land a solid punch on Evelyn Lozada.

    Evelyn, by the way, is planning a graduation party for her daughter, Shaniece, who’s about to embark on her journey to adulthood. The only potential problem is that Shaniece wants to invite her father and Antoine Walker, Evelyn’s ex-fiancé, who also helped to raise her. Evelyn’s dreading an awkward moment, especially considering that her new fiancé, Chad Ochocinco, will be her plus one.

    Jennifer Williams is having her own man trouble as her ex-husband, Eric Williams, still seems to be buzzing around her life. If he’s not tweeting Royce, he’s pitching a racy movie role to Suzie Ketcham. Admittedly, Eric was oozing a somewhat sleazy vibe. Who pops their collar and says "ya dig" that much?! Of course, Suzie couldn’t wait to run back and report on the lunch meeting. In our opinion, she should never have gone in the first place. Trifling? We think so.

    Speaking of Suzie, we’re gonna need to bench her. She’s going way too hard for Jen and Evelyn, pleading for Royce to patch things up with them so they can all hang out in peace…or something. She’s campaigning hard to convince Royce that her BFFs aren’t so bad, but when Royce refuses to drink the Kool-Aid, Suzie snaps.

    Admittedly, Royce does take some unnecessary shots at Evelyn and Jen, bringing up their names when it would be way easier to move on to a different subject. For someone who dislikes those two so much, Royce sure does keep their names in her mouth! There are times when it would be much easier to just change the subject when they come up, but Royce rarely seizes an opportunity to keep it moving.
    On the bright side, at least we know that Royce sees the situation with Suzie for what it is. Too bad it took last week’s drink to the face to figure it out. Suzie can claim she jumped in to help Royce, but viewers know better.

    And we finally got to see what sparked the fight at a polo match we told you about back in April. Tami Roman, like everyone else, seemed to be ready for a perfectly cordial time at the match…before Meeka opened her big mouth. Was it necessary to ask Tami if she had been drinking?

    We at S2S don’t condone violence, but Meeka really leaned into that fight. She seemed determined to go toe-to-toe with Tami. Who does that? Didn’t she see "Basketball Wives" last season?!  Even Jen said, "I don’t think Meeka has any idea what it’s like to be on Tami’s bad side." And she’s speaking from experience!

    Tami wasn’t a huge presence on Monday’s episode, but she definitely gets MVP this week. When she told Meeka, "You get confused about what you had said," we almost died laughing. And she gets bonus points for calling Suzie and Meeka on their shady ways.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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