Daily Buzz 6.21.11

    Sean Kingston tweets first photo since accident

    Sean Kingston seems to be doing much better these days, if his recent activity on Twitter is any indication.

    “Feeling alot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!" Sean tweeted yesterday. It was his first update since he crashed a jet ski into a bridge on Miami Beach over Memorial Day weekend.

    Sean also tweeted a new pic of himself from the hospital, and he seems to have lost a little weight since the serious accident. Check him out!


    Beyoncé to break her silence about ‘everything’

    Beyoncé isn’t a tell-all kind of girl, often preferring to keep her personal business to herself. That’s set to change as she drops her upcoming album, 4.

    Piers Morgan announced via Twitter yesterday that the superstar has finally agreed to open up.

    "She’s agreed to sit with me for the hour and talk about everything," he teasingly tweeted, not specifically naming the then-mystery guest. "She has a one-word name, a voice from the gods….and the single greatest ‘booty’ in showbiz history."

    Ending the suspense, he revealed, "Yep…Beyoncé. World exclusive, for the hour. That’s why I’m excited.”

    Beyoncé will tape her interview with Piers, set to air on June 28, in London.


    Meagan Good talks cancer scare

    Meagan Good said she fearlessly faced down a cancer scare years ago, when she had cancerous cells removed from her uterus.

    In a recent interview with Heart & Soul magazine, the Jumping the Broom actress revealed that a positive attitude was her main defense during that difficult time.

    “It didn’t scare me. When people don’t know they have something, they’re fine," Meagan explained. "When they do find out, they get worse. A lot is attitude. When you’re afraid and freaked out, that’s when it worsens. I try to keep a positive outlook.”


    New Gnarls Barkley album coming soon

    Cee Lo Green has announced that Gnarls Barkely fans will soon be treated to some new material.

    “There is a new Gnarls Barkley album coming out!” the singer told UsMagazine.com. “There is a whole bunch of stuff with the collaborations. Hopefully people will like what I am doing, that is always a plus.”

    And Cee Lo said that fans can expect to get even more of what made them fall in love with the Gnarls Barkley sound—with a few twists. “I would hope it would break more grounds,” he said. “Knowing the nature of the space that we shared, I am pretty sure it will be somewhat similar.”

    Maybe Cee Lo will talk more about the new project when his talk show, "Talking to Strangers," debuts June 22 on Fuse.


    Jill Scott: Food caused divorce

    Jill Scott revealed the final straw that caused her marriage to Lyzel to fall apart.

    “One of the reasons my ex-husband and I broke up is that he stopped eating my food," Jill told The Guardian, adding that the insult cut especially deep because these were meals she prepared especially for him.

    "He was pissed for other reasons," she explained, "but the best way to show me was by leaving what I’d made for him uneaten for days on the kitchen counter. It was a smack in the face."


    Atlanta ranked No. 1 city for men


    Atlanta, sometimes referred to as “Black Hollywood,” may have another claim to fame.

    The city of Martin Luther King Jr. and the most-popular “Real Housewives” franchise, has been ranked the No. 1 city for men by Maxim magazine, which read, “Atlanta is the ultimate man city. Why? Well, mostly because of their girls score, which was through the freakin’ roof. And there are good job prospects [and] fun night-life.”

    Not all ATL residents can relate. One female commenter left this post on an Atlanta-based site: “Are you serious? For women, this is a nightmare unless you want a homeless guy. … Can we get some nice looking Black men, age 25 and older who are professionals and who do not have 3-4 baby mommas? Thanks. (no disrespect meant fellas)"


    Maze releases greatest hits album

    Maze featuring Frankie Beverly is packing 35 years of its hottest tracks into one album titled Greatest Hits: 35 Years of Soul.  The compilation, featuring "Can’t Get Over You," "Back in Stride" and a live version of "Joy and Pain," hits stores today. 

    Frontman Frankie formed the band in 1970 under the name Raw Soul. The group changed its name to Maze, at the advice of Marvin Gaye, in 1971.



    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott



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