Aretha Franklin recovering after fall

    Aretha Franklin is back on her feet after tripping over a pair of designer pumps last week.

    The Queen of Soul fell in her Dallas hotel room Friday after tripping over her Jimmy Choo stilettos, reports. Aretha’s toe got caught on one of her spiked heels and down she went.

    Aretha said through one of her reps that it "hurt like heck for minute, but seemed to subside." The singer, who is currently on the road promoting her album A Woman Falling Out of Love, was quickly taken to Community North Hospital in Indianapolis.

    An X-ray revealed that Aretha had fractured her left index toe. She was fitted with a walking cast, and she’s looking on the bright side. "I’m so grateful it wasn’t my right piano [pedal] foot," Aretha said.

    The diva, who is down 85 pounds after her recent health scare, does have one complaint: her cast doesn’t go with anything in her stage wardrobe. She joked, "How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?"



    — Sonya Eskridge




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