Karrine Steffans backs up Vixen books

    Karrine Steffans claims that although her persona, the Vixen, doesn’t exist, all of her words in Confessions of a Video Vixen were true.

    When Karrine recently released a video stating that "the vixen doesn’t exist," she was only talking about her on-camera personality. She told NecoleBitchie.com that the books she wrote as the Vixen, however, were not works of fiction."I didn’t write the book, first. Harper Collins came to me and asked me to write that book—so it was a request," she claimed.

    "I would’ve been sued if anything I said was painted as the truth but not, actually, true," Karrine explained of her first book. "Because it’s the largest publisher in the world, all my books are vetted by attorneys, anyway."

    Karrine said she didn’t explicitly state that Confessions was made up of lies. She’s upset that anyone would take the video, where she shucked off her alter ego, as a negation of the content in her novels. "That statement pertains to the persona and I think it’s important, now that this is my last book, for people to start to differentiate between the persona and the person," Karrine explained.

    "Everything was planned and plotted. Everything was a part of my five-year plan. Now I have a new five-year plan," said Karrine, who didn’t divulge any hints about what her new plan may involve.

    Under her work as the Vixen, Karrine became the most infamous woman in hip-hop, and she planned it that way. The video model-turned-writer said every controversy and bit of scandalous gossip about her that ever went public was leaked by her. For her, it was all part of keeping her relevant enough to sell books and strengthen her brand, which she wants to lay aside now.

    "All of these things were on purpose and nothing was an accident," Karrine said. "That was the vixen having to sell a brand and this is the end of that brand, so I don’t have to sell that brand and I’m tired of that brand. I’m done. That sh*t is a wrap. I’ve juiced the vixen and I can’t juice her anymore."

    And Karrine doesn’t advise that anyone else try to make a buck off of dancing in videos either. She feels the notion that people would aspire only to shake their booties in a video is just a bad life choice. But what advice did she have for girls who may have once looked up to her?

    "[They] should never have; this is ridiculous," said Karrine, who wouldn’t mind being admired for her business sense. "If anyone looks up to me, you have to look up to my business model."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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