Laila Ali said C.J.’s a good brother

    Laila Ali said her family is getting along just fine with its newest addition, baby Sydney J.

    Parents with more than one child know that older kids might not always take so well to the new baby. Laila admitted to People magazine that she was worried that her son C.J. wouldn’t get along with Sydney.

    Fortunately, she can put those doubts to rest and happily reports that C.J. loves him some Sydney!

    “Right now he’s being a little brat because he wants to keep going on the slide, but he loves her,” Laila said Sunday at a picnic hosted by the Elizabeth Gaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

    “I was concerned that he was going to be jealous, but he’s not," she added. "He loves her to death and he’s been nothing but a good big brother.”

    Since she doesn’t have to worry about C.J. suffering from "only child syndrome" and trying to hide his baby sister, Laila’s free to focus on getting her figure back in fighting shape. The boxer admits that she’s not where she wants to be just yet, but she’s getting there.

    And, despite what some people might think, getting fit isn’t exactly a walk in the park for Laila. “I have 20 more pounds to go. People always say it’s easy for me because I’m an athlete, but I have to work," she explained. "I have to eat right. I have to work out and now I’m working out at home."

    In addition to jumping on her spin bike or running, Laila regularly does 45 to 70 minutes of cardio. Still the mother of two has to pace herself, which has been a challenge because she is breastfeeding baby Sydney.

    “The hardest part for me is taking it slow. You can’t hit it too hard when you’re nursing, and I’m nursing,” Laila shared. "I could get it off much faster, but I have to take it slow while I’m nursing. The most I can lose is a pound a half to two pounds a week. I’d probably be doing double that if I weren’t nursing.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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