Nick Cannon speaks on twins

    Looks like the new nicknames for Roc and Roe Cannon can be Lil’ Nick and Mariah.

    The proud parents of Moroccan and Monroe are already seeing a reflection of themselves in their two-month old twins. “My son is laid back like me,” Nick Cannon told Us Weekly at the Mercedes-Benz Manhattan opening. Then he added, “My daughter’s a diva like her mom!”

    What else can we expect from a daughter born to international superstar Mariah Carey? Nick says when Monroe wants something, she’ll let you know immediately.
    “Monroe’s a diva. She always has to get her way, and she loves being held," Nick said.

    The “America’s Got Talent” host said his son is a tough guy, stating,"He doesn’t cry, he’s already got muscles, so Moroccan was a perfect name for him."

    And as far as diaper duty for the twins? Nick and Mariah share the job. Although he did admit Mariah is the real pro. “My diapers tend to leak,” he laughed.

    The new dad says Mariah is an amazing mom to their little “diva” and “tough guy.”



    — Myeisha Essex




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