Alicia Keys celebrates a decade

    Alicia Keys is celebrating the first decade of her career with a new album and a performance on "Good Morning America."

    The "Fallin’" singer sat down in the middle of Times Square to perform for a crowd of her loyal fans—and anyone else who happened to be driving by at the time. During her visit to "GMA," she hyped the deluxe edition of Songs In A Minor, out today.

    The re-release is more than a treat for the ears, as Alicia packed a whole experience into the album this time around. She’s included new songs, videos and some documentaries about everything that went on behind the scenes to get her to where she is today.
    The album is also a nod to what’s ahead for the New York native. "It’s really about the future," Alicia told Robin Roberts. "It’s about celebrating where I’ve come from so we can really continue to go on into the future because it’s going to be an incredible future."

    One of the new tracks on her album is titled "Butterflyz," which she penned at the age of 14. Watch her perform the song below and see what kind of creativity she was working with back then.

    Her performance in Times Square would have been incomplete if she hadn’t also done "Empire State of Mind" for the crowd.


    While Alicia chatted it up on "GMA" she revealed that she’s about to become a Broadway producer with Stick Fly, a play the centers on a rich Black family during a trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

    The play will debut at the Lyceum Theater at the end of the year.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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