‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 6.28.11

    Meeka Claxton

    MVP: Evelyn Lozada

    T-Shirt phrase: "I have a history of setting things off."

    Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada kind of called a truce on last night’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    This week the ladies took it from the beaches of Miami to the streets of New York for a family centric episode.

    Although we’re not the biggest Evelyn fans, we were glad to see another side of her that’s less mean girl and more motherly. Look, there is a person underneath that mean girl exo-skelton! 

    We get that Evelyn’s trying to keep her baby somewhat close by, and in New York, Shaniece at least has her grandmother and aunt in the area if Evelyn can’t be around. Looking through the eyes of a parent, we get where she’s coming from. On the other hand, Shaniece has made it clear that she’d rather be in California, which leads us to wonder why in the world she would have applied to school in NYC in the first place.

    Side note: Why did the college tour guide look like he stepped straight out of a ’90s music video? WOW!

    There’s hope for Shaniece yet, as her mom begins to realize that she might be better off in Cali. "I do feel like she lacks some street smarts," Evelyn admitted. "I just feel like Shaniece is not really a New York kind of girl."

    That wasn’t the only family drama awaiting Evelyn in the Big Apple. During her trip home, the women closest to her encouraged Evelyn to patch things up with her estranged father. Why? Because they feel he should at the very least be invited to Evelyn’s wedding…whenever that happens.

    Evelyn’s chat with her dad was a teary reunion, and that had to be tough to do on-camera. 

    Elsewhere, Evelyn’s BFF Jennifer was being roped into a blind date set up by Meeka Claxton, who’s been wanting to hook Jen up "for a minute." Hmmm…that’s about how long she’s known Jen, so the divorcée was skeptical about Meeka’s matchups.

    As it turns out, Jen’s concerns were well-founded, because Meeka hooked her up with a man named Eric! As if his name wasn’t enough of a bad omen, her date for the palpably uncomfortable evening was kind of lame. Anyone that can’t hold their own in a casual chat needs to head directly to charm school. Jen shouldn’t have had to tell homie that first dates contain a lot of getting-to-know-you questions. 

    Where did Meeka find this guy, and what made her think he’d be a good match for Jen? That blind date was nothing but fail!

    We get that Meeka is trying her very best to make a good impression, but this was not the move.

    Meanwhile Tami was trying to tap into her inner Kris Jenner by managing her daughters’ music career. That didn’t go so well. Her little girls told her in no uncertain terms that they decided to hire another manager, and that set Tami off. Is she contractually obligated to fight in every episode this season? Just asking!

    But we will say that her daughters were getting a little too bold in the studio. What Black child in their right mind talks to their mama that way?  There really was a better way that Jazz and Lyric could have handled the situation, and it would have behooved them to be more considerate of their mother in public. You just don’t openly disrespect your mom.

    Tami is well aware of her, shall we say, somewhat combative reputation, but she kept it cool compromising on the "Non-Motherfu*#in Factor" t-shirt battle. And it was good to see that both she and Evelyn took their big girl pills to hash out a solution that works for both of them. No drink throwing or shouting required this time around!

    We’d ask why it couldn’t always be like that on "Basketball Wives," but then it wouldn’t be the show we’ve gotten so hooked on. While we’re on the subject of cast fights, our favorite moment on Monday had to be when Jen and Evelyn rehashed last week’s rumble.

    Shaunie O’Neal’s reaction was pure comedy. "That’s just not smart," she said in reaction to the fact that Meeka was the one who got things popping at the polo match. "Tami might take that Coors can and crush it on your forehead or something. You never know." Check it out when you watch last night’s episode below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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