Beyoncé talks babies and retirement

    Beyoncé was taught to be a woman of her word, but when it comes to retiring, the “Run the World (Girls)” artist said she’s absolutely not sticking to her original plan to retire at 30.

    “I always said I would have a baby at 30, but I also said that I was going to retire at 30. I’m not retiring,” Beyoncé told Piers Morgan.

    She’s pretty confident about continuing on with her successful career, but the 29-year-old isn’t as cut-and-dry about when she and hubby, Jay-Z, might start having kids.

    “Only God knows,” Beyoncé said.

    Although, she has no plans to call it quits anytime soon, Beyoncé said she did enjoy living the simple life during her year off. However, that time taught her that she is truly an artist at heart.

    “I love to perform. I love music. I love what I do. I love singing in the studio and writing songs. During that year, I do not count the 72 songs I recorded as work. It’s what I was born to do,” said Bey, who just started to realize the impact of her career.

    “I was moving around so much that I had no idea that I really have 16 Grammys. I’ve heard that, and I got up and accepted my awards, but I didn’t realize what an amazing accomplishment that was,” she said.

    Beyoncé also failed to realize what a huge star she’d become.

    “I didn’t at all know that I was going to be a star. I did know that I felt very comfortable when I was on stage,” said Beyoncé, who recently became the first woman to ever headline at the Glastonbury Festival in London.

    Although Beyoncé seems to live an almost perfectly charmed life, the singer said it hasn’t been all rainbows and roses. Fans may get a glimpse into her life struggles in her upcoming album, 4.

    “I’ve had my life experiences, definitely. I haven’t had this perfect, flawless life…. A lot of my life experiences I used in this album. There’s a way that I’m singing that’s very different,” she said.

    One theme of the album is love. “My music is inspired by love,” said Beyoncé, who doesn’t talk much about her relationship with Jay, but assures that it’s real.

    “Jay and I have kind of made a decision that we want to be known for our music and not our relationships or scandals. It’s hard because sometimes, ‘Ok, I can’t talk about him,’ but he’s amazing,” she said.

    Beyoncé also talked about her Inauguration performance, acting and being a proud diva. Watch.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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