Jill Scott sheds ‘Light’ on new album

    Jill Scott is talking about her creative process and motherhood on the latest episode of Centric’s "As Written."

    Jill is telling fans what it took to deliver her phenomenal album, Light of the Sun, which hit stores last week. During this week’s episode of the series, the Philadelphia soul siren shares that she had a few struggles while putting the album together.

    First off, she and her producer, J.R. Hutson, were having a hard time getting their work styles to mesh. "When we started to work together, he had a plan of action," Jill said. By contrast, her creative process was a bit more laid back and she would just freestyle most days when she came into the studio.

    "We didn’t know how to work together because I was chillin’ and he was ready to pop one off. He was, ‘We should get a song done every day and this record should be finished by like three weeks!’ He was ready to go, and I just didn’t have [that] kind of attitude at the time."

    The singer admits that she made her sound techs a little jumpy because there was little warning when she would need to run into the soundbooth to spout off some verbal awesomeness. Once Jill and J.R. got into a comfortable groove, though, they made magic! That’s obvious when you listen to Light of the Sun‘s first single "Shame."

    "’Shame’ happened one night. A whole bunch of friends were in here," Jill explained.

    Another track especially close to Jill’s heart is "So Blessed." "[It’s] basically a testament to how blessed I am—how blessed we all are," she explained. "I’m stating that I have my mother and father, that my son is beautiful…I’m hoping to remind [fans] to count their own individual blessings."

    And what about Jill’s son? Even though things with her and the baby’s father, her ex-fiancé, didn’t work out, the singer is still loving motherhood. "He makes me feel like my mother felt to me when I was a child," said Jill. "I thought that was the slinkiest, sexiest, most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life."

    Jill thinks the world of her son, too. "I think he’s great already and I’m really excited to see who this little person is going to be," she said. "He’s such a man."

    See what else Jill is grateful for when you watch her full episode of "As Written" below.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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