Beanie Sigel takes back apology

    It turns out that Beanie Sigel really hasn’t buried the hatchet with his former mentor Jay-Z.

    Earlier this month, reported that the Philadelphia rapper was trying to patch things up with Hov. Beanie, however, recently sat down with Sirius/XM’s "Invasion" to clarify that he never actually said he was sorry.

    "I never made a public apology," Beanie said, denying reports that he was making a mea culpa for all the diss tracks and shots he’s taken at Jay since their beef started in 2009. 

    Beanie felt that he was nudged into speaking about the fallout between him and Hov by a relentless reporter.

    "I talked to somebody from a magazine and they brought this issue up," he explained. "You never hear me quote say apology. I wouldn’t… What I said was to stop that interviewer from asking me those questions and everybody else that asked those questions."

    What the rapper wanted to communicate, if not an apology, was that he’s over any animosity he might once have felt towards Jay-Z. "Beanie Sigel is more than what me and Jay [argued over]. It was something personal with me. It was just at the end of it, ‘Look dude I don’t want to talk about that no more.’ I’m off that," Beanie stated.

    While the two rappers still aren’t speaking to one another, Beanie shared that he is grateful that Jay gave him a chance to be on Roc-A-Fella Records.

    "Regardless, Jay, whatever he did that was wrong, the one thing that he did do that outweighed a lot of things that I thought that he didn’t do, or could have did, or should have did, was he gave me an opportunity," said Beanie, owning his feelings on their beef. "A lot of people don’t get them opportunities. That’s what I said. If people took that as me apologizing, I don’t got nothing to apologize for."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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