SWV reunites for new album, show


    SWV is about to make its reunion official with a new album and a reality show.

    The members of the trio, which has been touring since 2005, revealed that they’re working on a studio project that will offer fans on updated twist on SWV’s sound.

    "Same style just new millennium. Kick it up a notch; take it to the next level, but we’re still going to be ourselves," Coko told Billboard.com of the album, which will be released through Mass Appeal Entertainment. Now that the group is back together, SWV only wants the best producers for its upcoming album. "Whoever’s going to give us some hits, not any mediocre stuff," Coko said. "We’re looking for some heat."

    Coko, Taj and LeLee are currently working on their first single, and they’d like to drop the as-yet untitled album by the end of the year.

    SWV fans can see the whole thing come together on the ladies’ new reality show, which hasn’t found a network home just yet. Taj is no stranger to reality cameras as she once starred in TV One’s "I Married a Baller" and competed on "Survivor."

    The experience of being on camera 24/7 was new to Coko, who admitted that it took some adjusting to. "For me, it may be a little hard because I’m a little moody; so I may have to take some time off from taping and take a break," Coko said.

    LeLee, on the other hand, was cool with cameras. "I had fun," she said after filming the pilot. "If I can be me and other people enjoy it, then it’s alright with me… It’s just a regular day with cameras." Keep in mind, though, that LeLee also made a few appearances on "I Married a Baller."

    Because the prospective series will focus on SWV’s music, it will also tackle the touchy subject of what caused the members to part in the first place. "We’re going to be honest about it," Taj revealed.  "Every day is not perfect."

    Ideally, the group hopes its series will also be a road map for young women who want to break into the music business. Specifically, they want aspiring singers to see and understand just how much hard work goes into becoming a star, what it takes to maintain that success, and the toll it can take on one’s life outside of the spotlight.

    "They have to understand it’s not an easy road," Taj explained. "The more successful you become, the more work you have to put in. We want them to realize that you just don’t put on a cute little bra top and sing a note and dance and everything is gold."




    — Sonya Eskridge




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