Michael Rapaport is not happy with Q-Tip

    Michael Rapaport has given up on trying to include Grammy-nominated rapper Q-Tip in an upcoming documentary about A Tribe Called Quest.

    Michael is “completely done”, the New York Daily News reports. Q-Tip and Michael reportedly couldn’t see eye-to-eye on Michael’s creative vision for the film, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, which opens in New York and Los Angeles on July 8.

    “The movie version Q-Tip thinks should be coming out would be going straight to DVD,” Michael said.

    So, Q-Tip has pulled out of the film. A spokesman described Q-Tip as “tense about the documentary.”

    Q-Tip was even missing from the group’s appearance at the L.A. Film Festival, where the Tribe’s three other members, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White, showed their support and appeared together. Later that night, the documentary won the Audience Award for Best Documentary.

    The Hitch and Deep Blue Sea actor also claims that Q-Tip tried to discredit him and his producers by insisting that certain scenes be removed from the film before its debut at the Sundance Film Festival this past winter.

    But Michael said he refused to comply. “You’re not Jay-Z, you’re not Kanye West,” he said.

    The filmmaker said he no longer has a relationship with Q-Tip and is disturbed by the film’s controversy because it was made out of good intentions.

    “I intended to make an independently produced documentary about my favorite group, and that’s what I did,” Michael said. “The reason I made the movie was out of a good place. And I was fair.”

    Q-Tip has declined to comment on the situation with Michael.



    — Tiara Kennedy




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