Flavor Flav pens memoir

    Flavor Flav opened up about his new tell-all memoir, entitled Flavor Flav: The Icon, The Memoir, which highlights the "ultimate hype man’s" rollercoaster ride over the past 52 years.

    The book will chronicle Flav’s life, starting from his days as a mischievous teenager and forming the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy, to  his hit VH1 reality series "Flavor of Love" and his fried chicken restaurant chain.

    "I really did put my mother through a lot," Flav told OMG! in an interview. "But you know what? I’m glad that I went through all that and I’m glad I lived through all of that because I’m able to tell about it right now."

    Flav also openly discussed his battle with an addiction to crack that kept him "out of focus" for 18 years.  When asked what his turning point was, he responded by saying that he wanted what was best for him. He also stated that being a grandfather made him want to take life more seriously.

    "I’m proud of it," he said.  "A lot of guys didn’t live to see this, but I did."

    On the music side of his life, Flav also revealed that Public Enemy will start touring Italy, France, Germany, through the U.K., and Brazil in July. The group is working on an album, and he is working on a solo project as well.

    Flav said, "I’m going to try to keep this hip hop thing alive!"



    — Shaniqua A. Thompson




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