Chris Brown and Drake beefin’ over Rihanna?

    Is Rihanna in the middle of a love triangle with two of the music industry’s most eligible bachelors?
    It’s public knowledge that Rihanna and Chris Brown have a history and the two have apparently reignited their friendship, at least via Twitter.
    Fans have likely also heard gossip that Rihanna and Young Money’s Drake have been seen spending time together.
    Now, it seems the men have squared off and are each hoping to win the affections of RiRi, according to MediaTakeOut. The site reports that Chris is upset over the photos of Drake and Rihanna that are circulating the web.
    Chris has caught some flak lately for the way he handles stressful situations. Hopefully, Rihanna’s alleged romance with Drake won’t be the thing that sends Chris flying off the handle again (a la “Good Morning America”).


    Rihanna reportedly ended things with her last serious boyfriend, Matt Kemp, in late 2010.
    What Rihanna does in her private life is her own business and a personal choice, but here’s hoping that whomever she chooses treats her well and that fans will never see photos of her bruised face again.



    —Tracy L. Scott


    Which guy would you advise Rihanna to choose: Drake or Chris Brown? Leave your comments below.


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