Monica taste-tests wedding menu

    Monica and Shannon Brown are seeing what will please their guests’ palettes for the upcoming wedding.

    The couple, who married just six months after they met on the set of her video for "Love All Over Me," sat down with ABC 7’s "Eye On LA" to nibble on some goodies at the kitchen in Los Angeles. Monica said that picking food for their nuptials could present a challenge as they need a "menu that works for everybody from Chicago to Atlanta."

    From the video posted below, Monica and Shannon seem to be in agreement about serving up some savory shrimp. "His mom is really big on seafood like us, so I think she’ll be happy with this" she said. And Shannon said was really feeling the chicken and apple sausage "for the simple fact that it tastes great and it’s healthy at the same time." 

    But how do they eat at home? Monica said that she needs fuel before she goes to work or she just can’t get her mind right to focus on the music. "If I’m hungry and there are other things going on on the inside, it kind of takes away from what I’m trying to do," she explained. "Usually we eat before my performances and after."

    For Shannon, it’s a pretty strict diet before he hits the court with the Los Angeles Lakers. "Fruits and vegetables until after the game," said Monica, who knows how to satisfy his appetite after a game. "I like to try and cook big meals for him for after."

    And what did Monica order on their first date? Find out when you watch this video!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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