Yelawolf quits Twitter over song leak

    Yelawolf has shut down his Twitter account indefinitely after getting into an online fight with a blogger who leaked one of his songs.

    Yelawolf, who was featured on last week’s episode of "Single Ladies," blew up earlier this week when a writer at leaked a track titled "Gangsta of Love" from the rapper’s upcoming debut album, Radioactive. The project is slated for release on September 27.

    "Hey to who ever leaked ‘Gangster of Love’ … I BET ON YOURE c*#t sucking mother You won’t show you’re face round HERE!!! Say somethin?" Yelawolf tweeted before launching his first threat. "The difference between me and you is that I’ll sit in jail .. Punk b!#ch Internet goons .. Wait till RadioActive drops .. GameOver."

    It didn’t take long before a user with the online handle @DDotOmen took up the challenge tweeting, "@Yelawolf SOMETHING. Now where exactly is ‘here’?"

    From there the rapper laced his threats with promotional information, writing, "I don’t hide .. Im easy to find .. For tour info .. This is where ill be … If you feel Froggy .. Then JUMP!!"  He added, "to @DDotOmen or any other 1 of you p*#@ies who wanna see me in person, I’m on the WarpTour from Jan 14 till the end, Love – uncle Yeller."

    After a few more shots, the rapper decided he’d had enough of Twitter and informed his 127,000+ followers that he’d be logging off for good.  "Good night twitter. Un follow me and tell you’re friends I suck .. I don’t give a f**k anymore .. I’m officially off line," Yelawolf tweeted.

    Yelawolf later called "Invasion Radio" on Sirius/XM to explain that although he’s passionate and protective of his music, the blogger’s disrespect is what really set him off.

    "It’s one thing to get a leak. It’s another thing when the person that leaks it can sit there and cuss you out about it," Yela explained. "I’m not mad at the actual act. I’m mad that it’s just thrown in my face, like, ‘well, f*** you, I got your sh**, what you gonna do?’"

    Yelawolf’s Twitter page is currently being run by his handlers, but fans can still get all of the latest info on the Alabama rapper from his official website



    —Sonya Eskridge




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