Toccara asks you why she’s single

    Toccara wants to know why she’s single, and she’s likely to get a few opinions about that when “Ultimate Merger” season 2 airs next month.

    Until then, she wants her fans to let her know what the deal is.

    “Tell me why you think I’m single. Why do you think I don’t have a man? Maybe you see something I don’t see. Let me recognize. Point something out,” she said in a TVOne video promoting the show.

    The star of the TVOne dating reality competition show says she’s looking for someone with good morals, good communication skills and nice height. However, she doesn’t have any race requirements. She’s exploring all options when it comes to ethnicity.

    “I am all down for interracial dating. I need to find me, like, a nice Italian man. That would be nice,” she said. “I’m all about mixing things up.”

    Lucky for Toccara, the 14 men from whom she has to choose make on diverse group.

    The former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant will be spending time with Black, White and Asian men before ultimately choosing one “winner,” unless her outcome is similar to last season’s star, Omarosa, who opted not to date any of the men who competed for her affections.

    The rumor is that Omarosa was already with her current boyfriend, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, when season 1 was in production.

    Although Toccara and Omarosa both rose to stardom thanks to reality shows, the two are very different. However, both women have huge personalities that any romantic interest would need to learn to love.

    Fans will see how it goes for Toccara, starting August 4 when “Ultimate Merger” premieres.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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