Tyrese denies dating Whitney Houston

    Many consider Tyrese Gibson a sex symbol and apparently Whitney Houston is one who would agree.

    The Grammy-winning artist is head over heels in love with the Transformers star, according to the National Enquirer.

    “They met four months ago and Whitney’s already professing her love,” an anonymous source told the Enquirer.

    Although the rumor seems to have come out of nowhere, it’s not a real stretch of the imagination. Whitney’s ex-husband Bobby Brown—who’s about three years younger than she is —has that same chocolate complexion as Tyrese, and it’s likely both crooners know how to serenade a woman. That goes for Ray J, too. Whitney and Brandy’s brother were allegedly an item a few years back, and he’s nearly 18 years her junior.

    Tyrese fits somewhere in the middle. He’s only 15 years younger than Whitney, but according to Ty, the rumors are absolutely ridiculous.




    Apparently, Whitney is not Tyrese’s type; although, there are obviously some worse looking couples out there.

    For Whitney’s sake, let’s hope the rumors are not true because no woman wants to be denied by the object of her affection.


    Is Tyrese really dating Whitney and just trying to keep inquiring minds off the trail, or is the story completely false? What’s so wrong with dating Whitney? Leave your comments below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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