Tyler Perry talks pregnancy scare

    Tyler Perry wants to be able to leave his entertainment empire to his children one day, and the Madea creator may have already found the woman who’ll help make that happen.

    “This isn’t the reason to have children, but it would be really sad to work this hard to build something and not be able to pass it on to my junior, to my sons, to my daughters,” Tyler told Ebony magazine.

    “Back in December, when we thought we were having a kid, I got a little overwhelmed,” Tyler added before confirming that there is a special lady in his life and that their aforementioned pregnancy scare worked his nerves a bit. "Now, I got overwhelmed when I first got a dog because I knew I was responsible for this living creature. So think how I reacted to the thought of having a child."

    “She’s really, really special. It’s the longest relationship I’ve been in,” he added without actually revealing the identity of his lady love.

    Tyler, who just recently opened up on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and to the world about the physical abuse he endured as a child, has never spoken publicly about dating a woman and has had his sexuality questioned as a result.

    While Spike Lee has repeatedly criticized Tyler for his somewhat stereotypical characters, fellow filmmaker John Singleton said Tyler is doing what all who went before him dreamed of.

    “Tyler has done what he’s done off of the work [that] myself, Spike and other filmmakers have done… I’m looking at this from a history perspective; we now have a Black studio," John told The Root while at the American Black Film Festival. "We now have everything we talked about [that] we wanted. You can say whatever you want about his movies, but he’s built exactly what we said we wanted to do. So now it is just about where we take it from here." 

    Tyler, who not so long ago said Spike and his criticisms could go to hell, now says he regrets that statement.

    “I’m going to be more respectful of him and his family,” Tyler told Ebony. “I believe Spike can do what he does and I can do what I do… There’s room for more than one of us in every industry and the moment we embrace that as a society, we can get past all this stuff.”




    — Tracy L. Scott



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