‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 7.12.11

    Benched: Shaunie O’Neal

    MVP: Evelyn Lozada

    T-shirt line: "Don’t judge me!"

    Most of the girls from "Basketball Wives" are going on a trip, but one intentionally got left behind.

    Love was in the air on last night’s episode. Well, at least, relationship drama was, anyway.

    Evelyn seemed a little put off that Meeka Claxton would set up her newly single BFF Jennifer Williams on a blind date. To Evelyn, Meeka doesn’t know Jen well enough to do that, and we’d have to agree with her on that point.

    Evelyn finally acknowledged what the rest of America has been shouting all season long: "I think Meeka tries a little too hard just to be down," she said. "That’s what irked me."

    And while everyone’s trying to get Jen hooked up with the next man, she’s thinking about a divorce party. She’s got to make sure not to have it at her apartment building’s pool, though, since her soon-to-be ex-husband could pop in on her guests.

    Side note: How is that Jen didn’t know where Eric lived while she was apartment hunting? I would think she’s got enough eyes around town to know which spots to avoid. Seeing as how the former spouses are now neighbors, Jen’s got to be on the look out when bringing her new "Ken" home. It’s just a recipe for awkward moments.

    Can we just say that Evelyn and Jen shopping for divorce party goodie bag gifts had us dying?! Too funny. They might not be laughing so much when it comes to Jen’s real opinion about Chad and Evelyn’s relationship. Evelyn heard that Jen thinks Chad is a little shady, and the soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco is upset about that.

    We can understand Evelyn’s need to get some things off of her chest, but going to Noe was a mistake. He seems like he’s just trying to stir the pot, prompting her to talk with Jen…if not straight up start a fight. Not cool, Noe!

    Meanwhile, Meeka and Suzie Ketcham seem to be very concerned about Royce Reed’s budding romance with Brian. The flip-floppers think that Royce is moving a little too fast with her new boo, who just bought her a puppy. While that gift is super-cute, it is kind of a serious present for someone you’ve only been talking to for a couple of months.

    "I don’t think Royce should trust him so quickly," Suzie explained, "and I definitely think [he] needs to earn that trust from her." This coming from the woman who liked Royce’s babydaddy Dwight Howard. We all see how that turned out, right? Moving on.

    Royce seems to think she’s got things well in-hand with her man, although she is taking her time to shop around by going on a few dates with some other men before continuing to get more serious with her beau. We don’t know whether Royce is rushing things, but we’re sure she’s going at a pace that’s comfortable for her. That’s her right. What’s not right is the outfit she wore to the Lamborghini dealership. Who told her that was a good idea? We have to call a technical foul on her for that mess.

    In an effort to get her castmates (at this point, we think "friends" might be a strong word) acquainted with her sweetie, she invited them all to sit down for a chat. Faster than you can blow a tip-off whistle, Suzie and Meeka went in on Brian. The one thing we can say about their third-degree is that they managed to find out that he has been to jail. Did Royce know that? Hard to say.

    Now let’s talk about this trip to Italy. It’s kind of messed up that Shaunie O’Neal said Royce can’t go, right out of the gate. Of all the women on the show, she causes the least trouble. Sure, she got it popping with Evelyn on the second episode, but Evelyn started that. Wasn’t it Meeka who started that ridiculously unnecessary fight at the polo match? And while Tami won’t (usually) start a fight, she will finish one. If Shaunie wants to avoid drama, Royce is not the one to worry about.

    Honestly, we think Shaunie could have only pulled this with Royce, because the former NBA dancer really doesn’t seem to care about whether or not she hangs out with the rest of the cast. Besides, had Meeka or Suzie been left behind, there probably would have been waterworks and whining for days until everyone else broke down and invited them out of pity. Royce seemed to be unfazed…until she found out Tami Roman was going.

    There’s not much we can say about Tami since she didn’t show up until the end, but all that slick talk in the car was not necessary. She had a point, but she could have kept her mouth shut. Oh, wait. We forgot what show we’re talking about.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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