Bow Wow’s babymama speaks up

    Bow Wow’s babymama, video model Joie Chavis, is finally speaking on her relationship with the rapper.

    Joie stated that she’s not to blame for a copy of baby Shai’s birth certifcate, excluding Bow Wow’s name, leaking onto the Web. The vixen said she didn’t take the document to TMZ, which she claims came after her for comment.

    "I wasn’t gonna address this because I’m tired of the drama," she tweeted in a statement, adding that she felt like the gossip site twisted her arm on the matter. "I was put in an uncomfortable spot. They practically backed me into a corner, saying they were going to run a story anyway."

    And Joie argues that TMZ made her look like a bitter babymama, bent on punishing her parenting partner. She contends that no matter how her words to TMZ may have come across, that there wasn’t any malice behind them.

    "I was asked a question, answered it truthfully and somehow my words were twisted and manipulated," Joie explained. "I in no way wish to speak badly of my child’s father, and definitely would not leak my daughter’s birth certificate, which I myself don’t even have in my possession."

    Trying to take the proactive approrach, Joie finished her open letter with a statement on how she and Bow Wow are getting along these days in relation to how they’re raising Shai.

    "We as parents are beyond happy about our new blessing and we’re both looking forward to this positive and bright future for our daughter," Joie wrote.

    Bow Wow has yet to comment on her tweets as he’s been busy in the studio recording a song with Lil Wayne titled "Eat the Cake." Recording for track wrapped earlier this week, but there’s no word on when it will come out just yet.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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