Does Beyoncé believe her dad’s a thief?

    Mathew Knowles denies rumors that he stole money from his millionaire daughter Beyoncé.

    Beyoncé is supposedly under the impression that her manager-father took money that did not belong to him and that incident led to her decision to fire him, according to TMZ.

    The court documents indicate that members of Live Nation Entertainment told Beyoncé that Mathew was dealing dirty and that Beyoncé had an audit conducted that supported the company’s claims.

    Now, Mathew is asking a judge for permission to confront his accusers and find out how they came to the conclusion that he’s a thief.

    It seems unlikely that Bey would believe anyone’s accusations against her father unless she had some real proof that back up the claims.

    Some fans would much rather prefer to believe that Beyoncé’s initial statement about her management change was legit, and that she just wanted to take charge of her own career.

    That’s a much easier story to swallow than believing that the man who nurtured, supported and shaped her career turned around and betrayed her.




    —Tracy L. Scott




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