Royce Reed and Jennifer Williams beef on Twitter

    Sometimes fans aren’t exactly sure how real reality TV is, but “Basketball Wives” stars Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed took their beef to Twitter Monday night, proving that what viewers saw on the small screen is authentic.

    Royce was obviously irked by the scene in which all the cast members, except Royce, were sitting around a table in Italy. Tami Roman brought up the subject of Royce, who was purposely excluded from the trip. When Meeka Claxton commented that Royce has been through a lot, Jennifer responded that Royce brought that drama on herself.

    That started the Twitter exchange. See it below.

    In season 1, the two ladies started off as friends. Jennifer even took Royce to get a beauty makeover that caused the dancer to shed a few tears like an old episode of Fox’s “The Swan.”

    However, that all changed at the season 2 reunion show when Royce accused Jennifer of leaking naked photos of herself to the media. Then, Royce decided to follow Jennifer’s soon-to-be ex-husband on Twitter.

    When the Twitter “relationships” were brought up earlier in the season, drinks started flying and Royce and Evelyn Lozada had to be pulled apart to avoid a physical fight.

    Earlier in the season, Royce said she had no problem with Jennifer, but the two are now clearly at odds.


    —Tracy L. Scott




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