Nivea talks love and reality

    S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown talks to Nivea about her baby daddies, her children and her career in the August 2011 issue. Get an excerpt below.



    Jamie: Are you going to do a reality show?
    Nivea: Honestly, I’ve been approached but I wasn’t interested because, like I’ve been saying, I’m a very private person. And on some real, it ain’t even about the kids and all that; it’s about that I don’t think people are ready for my kind of real. (laughs) I’m not trying to “be” a certain way; I’m just passionate about whatever I’m talking about and what I’m doing, and people tend to use that against you. And I’m not ready for that type of backlash ‘cause I’d wanna fight everybody. Like, “What’d you say?!”

    Jamie: (laughs)

    Nivea: (laughs) You can’t do that. So I am considering the ones who are interested in following my comeback. My musical journey? Let’s do it! But in my house and around my children, I’m not comfortable with that type of exposure at all.

    Jamie: Is it hard dating in the music world? Do you have a significant other now?
    Nivea: I’m dating, yea. But he’s not in the music industry, thank you Lord! (laughs)

    Jamie: This is pretty serious then?
    Nivea: It’s been a minute, and we are really good friends and that’s the most important thing. But it ain’t no marriage and all this and that. This is my friend for life, and that’s the most important thing.

    Get more from Nivea in the August 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.




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