‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 7.19.11

    Benched: Evelyn Lozada

    MVP: Tami Roman

    T-Shirt Line: Stop being a fan!


    Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams had a BFF blowup in Rome on last night’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn, Tami Roman, Shaunie O’Neal and Jennifer jumped right into the drama on this week’s episode of "Basketball Wives." We didn’t even count a full minute on the clock before someone started talking slick, and Monday’s show was nothing but a cat fight from there.

    As soon as Meeka Claxton got out of earshot when the ladies were shopping, Tami couldn’t wait to run over to Suzie to find out why Meeka can never seem to be straightforward about all the drama between her and Royce. For those that don’t remember, on the girls’ first night in Rome, Tami tried to untangle all the threads that Meeka has been spinning. Naturally, no one got a straight answer on anything she’s been saying.

    Once Tami walked off, Meeka rushed to Suzie trying to find out what Tami’s problem was. As always, Suzie was in the middle. Suzie, it might be best for you to just mind your own business and not get involved in anyone’s fights. It’s the best way to stay out of trouble. Just our two cents on that.

    Aside from Meeka’s campaign to find out why no one on the cast is really close with her, this was a Meeka light episode. When the ladies went wine tasting, she was nowhere to be found. They wondered where she was, but no one knew.

    We will say that, in this instance, we feel a little bad for Meeka. There she is in a foreign country, her traveling buddies can’t seem to figure out where she is and no one’s really trying to find her. Ouch!

    While watching "Basketball Wives," it seems the cast always needs someone to pick on. And since Royce was back in the U.S., Meeka was the ladies’ next target. They couldn’t make cracks about Suzie since she was sticking to them like white on rice, and the cast members don’t talk about people to their faces.

    Now for the main event: The fight between Jen and Evelyn. Why did Evelyn recruit Tami to bring up Jen’s comments on Chad Ochocinco? Isn’t Evelyn grown enough to talk about that?

    When you find out that your best friend isn’t crazy about your man, yes, it can be very hurtful. But talking to everyone but your homegirl about the situation is not the way to handle it. We’re confused about why Evelyn had to consult everyone from her employees to her cast mates about Jen’s opinions.

    Fail on you, Evelyn! The best way to have handled that would have been a one-on-one conversation before you left for Rome. Dragging Jen into the proverbial lions’ den in front of other people is not the move! And to just stew about it for days, then get hype about it with other people, makes no sense. Adults don’t do that because it’s nothing but drama.

    We can see how Jen’s words may have been hurtful, but it was coming from a place of concern for her friend. Then again,  Jen probably should have just said she’s happy for Evelyn and kept it pushing. 

    All that said, this blowup has been brewing for a while. Very sad.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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