Patti LaBelle passes torch to Ledisi

    Patti LaBelle has pegged the soulfully sweet siren Ledisi as her successor.

    It was a pure love fest when the legend got a chance to sit down with the Pieces of Me singer as Ms. Patti praised Ledisi for being just as sweet as her voice. In Patti’s opinion, it’s that combination that will keep Ledisi on the charts for years to come.

    "I love you so much. You are one of those people that will have a long, long, long career," said Patti, adding that she’s just as impressed by Ledisi’s kindness as her raw talent. "Longevity…people don’t have it, but you’re on your way."

    Of course, Ledisi graciously accepted the compliments from the seasoned pro, but she had to come clean on where she learned how a true star should act.

    "I watched you because you’re nice to people," Ledisi told Patti giving credit where credit is due. "There’s nothing fake about you. You can feel your heart when you sing. You can feel your heart when you speak."

    And Patti’s more than happy to impart her wisdom because, as she puts it, she would be doing the next generation a disservice by keeping quiet and not helping younger singers fine-tune their skills.

    "When I say you’re like a daughter to me, you’ve got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard," Patti said before harmonizing with Ledisi on "Pieces of Me" in an impromptu jam session that you’ve got to hear to believe!




    — Sonya Eskridge




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