Chris Brown’s a bad neighbor?

    Chris Brown may have lost a few more fans on his block as reports surface that he’s a bad neighbor.

    Everybody hates Chris!

    Chris bought a $1.75 million West Hollywood penthouse back in February, and less than six months later, people in Breezy’s building told that they’ve had just about enough of the singer and his reportedly wild ways.

    For starters, the singer has made a habit of parking his luxury cars in handicapped spaces. The building’s manager said neighbors planned to have his rides towed if he keeps it up. Chris has already been ticketed several times for the offense.

    Breezy’s lawyer Mark Geragos contends that Chris has every right to park in the spaces because the deed to his condo clearly states the slots belong to him. Mark claims that the developer never told the singer that the two spaces, where he parks three of his vehicles, were for disabled drivers.

    That’s not the only complaint about the crooner, though. His neighbors feel he’s disrespectful to the other tenants by playing loud music and partying at all hours of the day. Reportedly, he even races dogs in the hall.

    Speaking of dogs, cops were called after someone carved the letters "C.B." into an elevator door.

    Chris himself, who has just announced that he’s prepping to drop a hip-hop mixtape titled Boy in Detention, has yet to comment on his neighbors’ accusations.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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