Shaunie O’Neal hosts shoe shindig

    Shaunie O’Neal celebrated one of her favorite footwear brands with a private party for Chinese Laundry.

    The "Basketball Wives" creator unveiled her top picks from the brand, as part of new deal with Chinese Laundry. 

    "I picked for every category. I picked for the club night, and I picked for the red carpet," Shaunie said before explaining why she’s such a fan of the brand. "These shoes are actually very comfortable, which is important, because we know some lines cost a whole lot of money and don’t feel so good."

    So which looks would Shaunie rock? In all, she selected eight pairs of shoes that are just her style, ranging from the more low-key Kooper all thew way the must-have Money Maker. To check out her full list of picks, check out

    Shaunie didn’t speak much on what the rest of her partnership with Chinese Laundry entails, but she’s got some big ideas for her own shoe line, should the opportunity present itself.

    "I’m gonna just flip everything! It’s just going to be some stuff that, hopefully, you’ve never seen before," Shaunie said. While she mulls over the possibility of her own line of fabulous footwear, the reality TV star said she’s working hard to bring less dramatic moments to her hit show. "I’m trying my best  to work with the Shed Medias of the world, the VH1s of the world, to show some type of balance."

    Speaking of "Basketball Wives," several of her castmates came out to celebrate with her, and fortunately it seems as though no fights broke out.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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