Tyra Banks teases ‘Modelland’

    Tyra Banks is mixing a little magic with her modeling mission in her upcoming book, Modelland.

    When Robin Roberts sat down with Tyra Thursday on "Good Morning America," she had to ask the burning question on everyone’s mind: What the heck was on her face?!

    Tyra, who was dressed more for fall and not the sweltering temps engulfing the country, said she was wearing a smize. Smize, for those not in the know, is an abbreviated term that means to smile with your eyes while taking a picture.

    While smizing is really more of an internal thing, in Modelland, they’re these feathery face adornments that increase your chance of getting into the world’s most exclusive modeling schools by 91 percent.

    Modelland isn’t something that Tyra threw together, the model-turned-media-mogul said she’s put some time into this project.

    "I’ve been writing Modelland for five years," Tyra said, adding that the girls in her book may be mixing some potions with their poses for this trilogy. "The models have magic in the school, so it’s a total fantasy-adventure novel."

    She’ll be putting in a lot more time on Modelland during the years to come as Tyra confirmed that this is just the first of a three-book series. Of course the author is also adding her campaign to broaden the standard of beauty with the book. Find out how when you watch the clip below!




    — Sonya Eskridge




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