Prince ordered to pay lawyers

    Prince has been ordered to shell out a sizeable chunk of change for unpaid legal fees.

    According to the New York Daily News, The Purple One must pay more than $700,000  this month.

    Court records show that Prince had actually failed to respond to a lawsuit his legal team filed in March, claiming that he’d shortchanged them. Reportedly, he only paid lawyers at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler $125,000.

    On July 15, Prince was ordered to pay $708,687 to the firm. That’s not including the  9 percent intrest from 2008 he owes.

    The "Purple Rain" singer has an extensive history of work wih the legal minds at the firm, which represented him in his divorce. Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler also defended Prince when a perfume company sued him for not endorsing a "sexy scent" packaged in a purple box as he had promised.

    Prince also hired the Manhattan firm after he canceled concerts in Dublin and California, and he used the firm again during a 2006 rental dispute with NBA baller Carlos Booze, from whom Prince was renting a home from for $70,000 per month. 

    Neither the firm nor Prince have commented on the judge’s most recent orders at this time.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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