‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 7.26.11

    Benched: Tami Roman

    MVPs: Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams

    T-shirt Line: "I don’t recall saying that."

    The tension between Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton finally exploded last night on "Basketball Wives."

    Before we get into that, though, we’ll start out on a happy note this week: we were pleased to Evelyn and Jen patch things up after their fallout. If you don’t remember, Evelyn confronted Jen about some disparaging remarks that Jen made about Evelyn’s boo, Chad Ochocinco.

    When Evelyn started in on Jen last week, Jen looked truly confused about what was going on. That may have had to do with that fact that Evelyn was talking to everyone but her about the situation. This week, Jen did what Evelyn should have done and just went straight to her friend about the matter instead of stewing about it for days on end.

    What we saw last night was a very real moment as two homegirls addressed their issues and hugged it out. That’s how the situation should have been handled in the first place: just between the two of them without dragging everyone else into their argument. A lot of people question the validity of their friendship, but by the looks of it, these two really do care about each other as good girlfriends should.

    Now onto the whole Meeka and Tami fiasco, a completely avoidable situation that had a couple of rounds to it.

    While Meeka started their last major brawl, Tami could have avoided all their drama by just acting like an adult. It seems simple enough, but this is a concept that has eluded the cast of "Basketball Wives" many times over the seasons.

    We were really disappointed to see Tami start mocking Meeka when the ladies went out for dinner. After making a big fuss about where she  going to sit ("that’s not going to work," she said when the only place left was next to Meeka), we’d hoped that would have been the end of all the fuss. Alas, S2S temporarily forgot what show we were watching.

    Instead of having a pleasant meal and ignoring Meeka, Tami decided it would be cute to mock the way her cast rival speaks. Completely childish? We think so. Sadly, the rest of the cast did nothing to discourage Tami.


    After their dinner dust-up, it seemed that Tami was really making more of an effort to be cool with Meeka. That didn’t last long!

    When the ladies went out to shake their tail feathers at a nearby club, Meeka and Tami got into it again! This time they were arguing about what Tami said the first time they had a little discussion about with which side Meeka was going to align herself.

    Their fight started in a flash. One second Meeka was calling Tami a hypocrite and turning to Suzie Ketcham for confirmation, then BOOM! Tami hit Meeka with what we’ve termed as the "He-Man Mush." Shameful. Plain and simple.


    Suzie, by the way, is blaming Meeka for the fight, because she "[talks] too much." We can’t say we really disagree that Meeka runs her mouth a LOT, but did she really deserve to get smacked in the face? And speaking of the gift of gab, isn’t that like the pot (Suzie) calling the kettle (Meeka) a blabbermouth?

    Aside from that, Suzie said she doesn’t like being in the middle of every argument. Our advice to avoid that situation? Shut up. Let your friends work out their disagreements on their own instead of putting yourself in the middle of drama all the time. Just a suggestion.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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