Review: Kelly Rowland’s ‘Here I Am’

    Kelly Rowland is exploring every genre that fits her voice in her eclectic album, Here I Am.

    Ever since Kelly dropped when "Love Takes Over" in 2009, her sound has been hard to pin down. Just when you think she’s gone "Jersey Shore" dance scene for good, she comes out with a sultry R&B jam and lights up the stage at the BET Awards. 

    There’s no telling which Kelly you’ll get when she opens her mouth to sing, but everything sounds amazing. What may seem like the singer running from one end of the spectrum and leaping to the other, is really just two sides of the same coin for Kelly.

    "The personalities aren’t really different," she told MTV News. "I think what I’ve grown to know about my voice is, just having a voice, period, as a woman, you mean business, period—whether that’s making people dance or that’s making people feel in an emotional way or whatever it might be when it comes to R&B."

    With Here I Am, which dropped today, she brings all those personalities together with a cohesive album that somehow makes every sound naturally fit together. The album opens with the urban track "I’m Dat Chick" before rolling over to the Euro Pop-esque "Commander." Kelly hooked up with David Guetta again for the song, proving that lightning can strike twice!

    Genres collide in "Down For Whatever," a track with urban lyrics backed by a dance music track. From there, Kelly meshes her two sides on nearly every other song, particularly "Turn It Up" and "Feeling Me Right Now."

    After all those driving beats, Kelly graces fans with softer sounds in "Keep It Between Us" and "All Of The Night," which we think could just be the flip side of "Motivation." "All Of The Night" is a bit lighter, but she’s reminding her man that she needs him to keep her going in the bedroom.

    We could go on about Here I Am, but you can hear to the whole thing here for yourself.  Take a listen and let us know how you think Ms. Rowland did this time around! Will you be grabbing a copy of her new album?



    —Sonya Eskridge




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