Lauryn Hill raises more paternity questions

    The mystery around the sixth child born to Lauryn Hill continues.

    After giving birth Saturday to a son, whose paternity has been in question for weeks, Lauryn took to Twitter to post a message that seemed to suggest Rohan Marley is not the baby’s father.

    In the message, she confirms that she and Rohan have had an on-again-off-again relationship and that they have five children together.

    The note doesn’t outright deny that Rohan is the father of her sixth child, but it surely implies it.

    Check it out.





    Lauryn has always been somewhat of a mystery to her fans. From her wardrobe and style choices, to her inconsistent performances, she tends to leave question marks in her wake, and this paternity issue raises more questions than it answers.

    However, it says a lot that Lauryn took time away from her newborn to address this.

    Do you think Lauryn Hill has a mysterious facade? If so, do you like it, or would you rather her be a little more transparent and predictable?

    —Tracy L. Scott



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