Bow Wow’s mom replies to blind item

    Bow Wow’s mom, Teresa Caldwell, is making sure no one mistakes the rapper for a deadbeat dad.

    The New York Post recently published a blind item, indicating that some rapper out there had begged his agent for $5,000 to help with child support. While the world pondered which well-known hip-hop star would even be in a such a position, Bow Wow’s mom immediately started defending her baby boy.

    "The article was in the NY post & had nothing to do with Bow," she tweeted, assuring her son’s fans that he’s a good daddy. "Y’all know that I will never sit back & let Bow not take care of his daughter."

    And Teresa made it a point to let everyone know that Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai, will never have to worry about going without if Teresa has anything to do with it.

    "I will ever sit back& allow my son not to take care of his responsibility & if he couldn’t I would work my butt [off] to make sure she was str8," Teresa tweeted.

    Bow Wow himself has yet to comment on the report, and neither has his baby mama Joie Chavis.

    One question remains, though: If Bow Wow isn’t the rapper who needed a little help with his child support, who is? Your guess would be as good as ours.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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