Meeka Claxton: ‘I’m not scared of Tami’

    Tami Roman said she was defending herself during a rumble in Rome. Meeka Claxton disagrees.

    "Basketball Wives" fans collectively clutched their pearls on Monday night as Tami smacked Meeka in the face during an argument over whether or not Tami called her cast frienemies "fake" and "phony."

    Initially, Meeka denied that the brawl ever happened, but cameras filming for the series showed a completely different story. The same goes for Tami’s claims that she doesn’t pull hair. But what ultimately drove Tami to send Meeka flying with the "He-Man Mush?"

    As Tami told, it was all self-defense because Meeka put her finger in Tami’s face. "I issued a disclaimer: If you put your hand up, I don’t know what you’re going to do, and that could possibly get you popped," Tami explained, reminding viewers that she had warned Meeka a few episodes back about putting a hand in her face.

    However, as Meeka exclusively told S2S, she doesn’t see what Tami would have been defending herself from.

    "That is the biggest bunch of crap. I had my hands in my lap. I couldn’t have," Meeka told us in response to claims from Tami’s camp that the series newbie swung first. "I thought it was just a debate."

    She added, "It wasn’t anything to fight about. It wasn’t worth trying to swing on me at the club." As Meeka told us, she never saw their fight escalating into an all-out brawl, which is why she didn’t get in Tami’s face. No matter how bad her fights with Tami have been in the past, Meeka was shocked when things got physical. "I really didn’t think that she would do that. That’s why I was just so cool."

    While fans of "Basketball Wives" are still reeling from Monday night’s fight, the cast has already taped the season 3 reunion. S2S was there for the shoot, where producers were going to keep Meeka backstage. Why? There had been whispers that Meeka had filed a restraining order against Tami in addition to her lawsuit, but Meeka denied those rumors.

    "I’m not scared of Tami to have no restraining order against Tami," said Meeka, who was actually allowed onset with the rest of the cast.

    But what about that lawsuit? Meeka told us that she filed suit against Tami because that battle on "Basketball Wives" cost her an endorsement deal, but she didn’t say with which company it was.


    Tami has declined to comment on the fight at this time because, as she told S2S, she doesn’t want to give Meeka anything to use against her if the case goes to court.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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