Was Centino Kemp Eddie Long’s 5th accuser?

    It turns out there may have been a fifth man involved in the sexual misconduct case against Bishop Eddie Long.

    Centino Kemp, whose ‘do suggests he spends more time in hair salons than barbershops, has a tattoo of Eddie’s name on his wrist.

    Centino never filed a lawsuit, but was reportedly involved in the case that ended when Eddie settled with his four accusers, Atlanta’s Fox News reports.

    The 22-year-old is a struggling recording artist whose No Regrets album includes a song called “Pornography.”

    Eddie’s name isn’t all that’s tattooed on Centino’s arm; the words “Never a mistake. Always a lesson,” are written underneath the New Birth leader’s name.

    While the wannabe singer was more than happy to discuss his music, he was understandably tight-lipped about his relationship with Eddie that allegedly started when Centino was a teenager.

    It’s unclear whether Centino and the bishop are still in communication, but the young man escaped the media’s cameras by running into a white limo and driving off.

    Whose limo was it?

    Find out more about Centino in the video below.


    What do you think? Why would Centino have that tattoo on his wrist and who sent that white limo to his rescue? Leave your comments below.


    —Tracy L. Scott




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