Daily Buzz 7.29.11

    No more reality TV for Brandy

    After a couple seasons of "Brandy & Ray J," the 2002 series "Brandy: A Special Delivery," and a stint on "Dancing With the Stars," Brandy has decided she’s not suited for reality TV.

    "I do not work on reality TV. I don’t need to be anywhere near reality TV," Brandy told Rumor Fix. "I’m definitely going to document the process of doing an album, but I’m not wild enough for reality. I’m just not."

    Maybe her more scandalous side, captured in a Derek Blanks alter ego photo shoot, would make for better TV?

    First Look: ‘Red Tails’

    Lucasfilms has released its first glimpse of its upcoming film Red Tails.  The movie centers around the Tuskegee Airmen, and it’s due out next year.

    Until then, check out this still from the set!


    Kelly Rowland’s not selling sex

    Despite her new status as a sex symbol, Kelly Rowland swears she’s not trying to push a seductive image on the masses.

    "I’m not trying to sell sex. I’m just completely being myself,” she told the New York Daily News. “I don’t let nobody dictate who I am. I did that for way too long that I don’t care about those people no more. I really don’t."

    Whether she’s trying to be sexy or not, photographer Derek Blanks definitely required her to tap into her sultry side while shooting the album artwork for Here I Am.  Take a peek at Kelly onset when you watch the video below.



    Beyoncé calls herself a "groupie"

    Beyoncé is not shy about that the fact the she loves her some Jay-Z, but now she’s taking that love to a whole new level.

    While the "Best Thing I Never Had" singer took a year off to refocus and find herself, she took some time to travel with her hubby Jay-Z. That extra time with her better half reminded her why she’s his #1 fan

    "I went on tour with him and I got to see the shows from the audience, which is something that I don’t get a chance to do", Bey said during a visit to "The View" this week. " I’ve always been a Jay-Z groupie. "


    Michelle Williams returning to gospel?

    As Michelle Williams preps her new dance-pop album, she’s considering a return to gospel music.

    When Michelle struck out on her own after Destiny’s Child broke up, she went right for praise music. But her last projects took a secular turn, which she seems to be continuing with her single "Love Gun."

    But don’t think she’s given up on gospel just yet. "Of course, my first two solo albums were gospel and gospel still being my first love, which I will definitely be doing a gospel album soon," Michelle told The Boom Box.

    She added, "I love all types of music—jazz, classical, blue grass, pop, dance, whatever. As long as I feel good and I feel like it can make everybody feel in a great way and inspire, then it’s all good to me.”




    — Sonya Eskridge

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