Soulja Boy buys jet for birthday

    Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em has redefined the term "turn my swag on" by buying himself a fly birthday gift.

    The rapper plopped down $55 million to buy himself a G5 jet for his 21st birthday this week, reports.

    The jet itself came with a base price of $35, but Soulja Boy paid another $20 million to customize it. A member of his camp said the rapper pimped out his new private jet with a dozen Italian leather seats, flat-screen TVs and four bars. He also had Brazilian hardwood cabinets installed along with travertine tile for the floor.

    Soulja hasn’t stopped there, though. Supposedly, he’s upgrading the bathroom, too.

    No extreme makeover such as this would be complete without a new paint job, which includes adding his logo to the ride.

    Reportedly the mini mogul will also be doing it big in Miami tonight, where he plans to throw a $300,000 birthday bash.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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