Tami Roman: ‘I was so tortured’

    Tami Roman said her strict Muslim upbringing has something to do with her no-holds-barred personality.

    “I was so tortured as a Muslim growing up … and so once I was finally able to let loose, it was like unleashing a beast,” Tami explained to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown in a recent interview.

    “I wasn’t gonna be disrespected,” said Tami, who wishes fans of "Basketball Wives" saw other sides of her personality on the series.

    “They think what they see on the show is the only way that I am all the time. That’s so not true,” she said.

    Get more from Tami below and in the October 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    Now that you know more about Tami’s upbringing, does that change your opinion of her? If so, how? Leave your comments below.

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